Recommended Essentials, Upgrades & Parts

Tyre Leaver 

Getting the tyres off of a M365 can be cumbersome. Using two tyre leavers helps massively with removing the tricky M365 tyres. Works well on both front and rear tyres of the M365 and M365 pro.


Slime – Perfect for stopping those pesky punctures which stops the fun! 

Slime works by plugging the hole, although we’ve found it to work in some cases permanently it’s meant to be as a temporary fix to get you back home.

Spare Inner Tubes

A handy alternative to patch repairing your tyres. Simply swap out to a brand new inner tube. We recommend keeping a spare set to stay on the move. 

Replacement Hinge by MBS

The first thing we recommend upgrading on your M365 is the hinge.  

Rear mudguard support

Prevent mudguard damage on rough surfaces with this mudguard support. 


M365 Dash / M365 Pro Dash

Greatly improved screen for the M365. Same as the M365 Pro. Can be swapped easily.

Electric Battery Powered Bike Pump

Easy to inflate and carry if a bag if required. 

Solid Honeycomb Tyres

Solid Tire Wheel Replacement – 8 1/2 x 2 

Fed up of punctures? Try solid tyres, the ride will be a lot firmer but the risk of punctures is completely removed. 

Pack of two!


Rear Tail LED Light

Compatible / Replacement rear light. If you ride in wet conditions and water enters the rear break light it will need replacing. This is the complete kit required. 

Hex Screw Replacements 

Got a screw loose? – These are replacements screws which hold the handlebars to the stem.