M365 Review – 3 Years and 700 miles later.

So if you’re excited about getting your M365, I fully understand how you feel. I had around about a 2 month wait to get this shipped to me. That was before they started selling them in the UK. Now you can buy them from many many different places but a few years ago when I bought this I saw them at first in Portugal. And thought I need to get me one of those, that is the coolest way I’ve ever seen of getting around. But now they’ve become more popular I wanted to make this video just to get across a couple of quick points that you need to know when you first get your M365. Actually, any electric scooter that has this type of setup. First thing I would do, check every single bolt that exists on this thing to make sure it’s tight. Every single one you can get to. Especially these, check your wheels are on nice and tight. Check these bolt here are don’t up tight, check that your handle bars are on tight. Check that your brakes are on tight. Check that your folding mechanism is folding and locking tightly so there is no wobble. That essential. And also you want to be checking your tyre pressures. I’ll put a link to what we recommend for your tyre pressures its different depending on your different weight, but almost guaranteed when it turns up it won’t have the right tyre pressure. Now consider having a look at a couple of the upgrades. I’ll put a link in the description to the little bits of upgrades you can get. On this model scooter if you’re going to be riding it for hundreds of miles I would recommend that you change the latch. That is the main point of failure on these things, is the folding mechanism. Obviously you don’t want it to fail when you’re doing 15 MPH, that’s just not good. You’re going to end up hurting yourself. As you can see mines a little bit dirty it’s a little bit battered and broken but these things will last for ages and ages and ages if you look after them and don’t abuse them. That was it really just a quick couple of top tips, tyre pressures, potentially think about changing the latch if you don’t know that already, make sure everything is tight and after you have done all of that ensure that it is fully charges. You won’t get the best performance out of it unless you fully charge it. After about half you start to lose a little bit of power so you want to make sure your first experience of your new toy is a great one. Get it fully charged before you head out there! Hopefully that helps, have a fantastic time when you get your M365 let me know in the comments below how you get on and I’ll see you in the next one. Quickly I wanted to add before I finish this video, the brake, so this is an electronic in the front and electronic brake, so it uses the motor to slow the scooter down and its also a mechanical brake the cable which runs down the step through the base comes to the rear here. Check this brake is working properly, there’s some small adjustments here which I will put a link to in the description which will show you how to adjust this. Check that this is right, on the few scooters that I’ve seen delivered and unboxed for the first time for friends and family the braking has not been setup correctly, the electronic brake works fine it built in the factory it works absolutely no problem where as the mechanical brake it was either too tight, stuck on, or it was too loose and wouldn’t work at all. So check your brakes have a fantastic time! 

M365 Review – 3 Years and 700 miles later.

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